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Our 2016 annual conference is March 20-22 at the Renaissance Asheville (NC) hotel. The conference brochure is in the mail to current CNAC members and you can also read the .pdf here.

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College News Association
of the Carolinas

The College News Association of the Carolinas (CNAC) is not just for news directors. Any higher education public relations professional will benefit from CNAC membership. Our members work in communications, marketing, publications, media relations, marketing writing, graphic design, web design and content development, social media communications and more.

Benefits of CNAC membership
1. Cost-effective membership: Institutional membership dues are $75 annually for up to six staff members ($10 additional annually for each more than six). Associate membership for individuals is $20 per year per person.

2. Professional development conferences: Learn from well-respected leaders in the field of higher education communication for a reasonable price. Conference fees average under $200 per participant.

Recent conference topics include Extending Your Brand, Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Colleges Make, Higher Education in the Media, and How to Effectively Communicate with Development Officers.

3. Exchange information on the CNACnet Listserv: Get valuable insight from colleagues. Swap strategies for surviving presidential installations, handling the latest campus crisis, or promoting your school's new initiative. Use the listserv to request information about everything from clipping services to web policies. Members can also post job openings on CNACnet.

4. Learn from other members: One of the most popular CNAC conference sessions is one in which our members share their best practices. Conferences also include a publication exchange, featuring recruitment publications, alumni magazines, fundraising materials and more.

5. Networking opportunities: Meet other CNAC members from North Carolina and South Carolina. Each conference includes informal gatherings that allow for networking. Many of our members have found jobs or hired staff members through these connections.

// CNAC is the College News Association of the Carolinas, a group composed of higher education public relations professionals from public and private schools across the two Carolinas.

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